UnitingCare Ballarat

UnitingCare Ballarat

Therapeutic Supports in Ballarat, VIC
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UnitingCare Ballarat has been providing patients with the best in healthcare since our inception. As your local therapeutic supports, we're dedicated towards ensuring that you receive the best care you deserve. If you're in the area of BALLARAT, pop into our practice and book yourself in for your next appointment. Alternatively, you can visit our website or use our direct booking app. We look forward to seeing you.

105 Dana Street
Ballarat, VIC 3350
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Top Reviews

  • UnitingCare Ballarat
    Julie Van Der Harst

    Excellent service, compassionate and caring staff all to ready to assist where they can!

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  • UnitingCare Ballarat
    Samantha Balciunas

    The staff here are wonderful to deal with. The service's they offer are of great value to Ballarat.

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  • UnitingCare Ballarat
    harry hayes

    Excellent community services, compationately looking after some of the most vulnerable people in our community for free and not for profit

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  • UnitingCare Ballarat
    Tara Eve

    There are various parts (and many staff) of Uniting Care and my review only reflects a specific area. Unfortunately budget cuts and bureaucracy have hindered adequate service provision to clients and improper training of (some) staff. This could be potentially harmful to some people seeking assistance for health related reasons.

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  • UnitingCare Ballarat
    Simone Chalmers

    Very helpful people help on just about anything

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Home CareGet Care now - home delivered using your Government funding with no out-of-pockets

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