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Sandbag is a leading therapeutic supports in QLD. We are passionate about providing you with the best in healthcare. Based in the suburb of Sandgate, we're easy-to-find and accessible. Contact us through our website or get in touch with a direct booking. We welcome your visit and can't wait to hear from you!

153 Rainbow Street, Sandgate, QLD 4017
Sandgate, QLD 4017
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  • Sandbag
    Gail Perkins

    Love this place the entertainment is great the food is okay but what it's there for is raising money for the people who need help in the community.The musicians and other entertainers give their time for no monatary rewards but to bring people together to have a great time and support the community..Great place to meet other people..

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  • Sandbag
    marlene bell

    It's a great place to meet like minded people who are all helpful and friendly

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  • Sandbag
    Helen Flouch

    I attended a painting workshop. The teacher was great and very supportive. I went alone but it would probably be better to attend in a group.

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  • Sandbag
    Jacob Kilmartin

    Sandbag was awesome to me as they are every time I deal with them

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  • Sandbag
    Colleen and Chris Simpson

    Gary Hunt Community Support Worker was such a pleasure to liaise with when we hired the venue for our charity night to support Special Olympics Australia . He went the extra mile turning up in unpaid time just to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. His advice and help to newbies who had not organised such an event before was beyond generous and made the whole experience an absolute pleasure.

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