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Mac And Pc Doctors

Vision Equipment in Rocklea, QLD
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At Mac And Pc Doctors, we are passionate about what we do. We understand the unique requirements of our patients and are on-hand to provide dedicated home-care services. As a specialist provider based in Rocklea, QLD, our friendly and professional team are onboard to ensure you're well looked after. Give us a call or use our booking app to secure your next appointment with us.

Unit 7, 1311 Ipswich Road, Rocklea, QLD 4106
Rocklea, QLD 4106
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  • Mac And Pc Doctors
    Amelia McKinley

    Doing great work! Lin at Mac & PC Doctors has always been incredibly kind and helpful. I work with NDIS clients and have appreciated the (expanding) range of products Mac & PC Doctors has and willingness to take the time to problem solve with me. The website is also useful in being able to generate quotes automatically and without requiring funding to be approved. I have used Mac & PC Doctors primarily for communication devices. Thank you so much Lin and the team!

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  • Mac And Pc Doctors
    Graham Wilkes

    Avoid this place. Phone kept crashing. Took it in was told that I had to pay for a diagnostic $30. Was told that it was ready so I went to collect it. They said that the phone was fine and couldn’t explain why it kept crashing. I said that I had paid for a diagnostic and didn’t get one so asked for a refund. They said that the diagnostic says that the phone is fine therefore no refund. Now I know why they made me pay upfront. The blond lad with curly hair was quite rude.

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  • Mac And Pc Doctors
    Ruth Woods

    I recently purchased a new iMac and after hours on the phone with Mac support, my service provider and Microsoft, Oliver at Mac & PC Doctors cleared up the issues that the others could not! Terrific service at an excellent price! I would highly recommend them.

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  • Mac And Pc Doctors
    Joshua Glenn

    Knowledgeable staff, super friendly, great range. I recommend them to all my family and friends.

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  • Mac And Pc Doctors
    A Giles

    Booked an appointment through apple, input all the information about my phone and what model etc and requested available same day only. When I arrived at the store for my “appointment” I had to wait to be served and then was told they do not have the replacement screen for the iPhone X. This was in my booking request and seems very odd when it is the newest phone available. To get a cracked screen replaced would take 5 days. Dont waste your time, take it to apple and get it done in 2 hours.

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