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Body Smart Health

Therapeutic Supports in Paddington, QLD
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At Body Smart Health, we are passionate about what we do. We understand the unique requirements of our patients and are on-hand to provide dedicated home-care services. As a specialist provider based in Paddington, QLD, our friendly and professional team are onboard to ensure you're well looked after. Give us a call or use our booking app to secure your next appointment with us.

102 Lower Cairns Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4064
Paddington, QLD 4064
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  • Body Smart Health
    peter harrison

    Hi my wife and I have been going on Body Smart for over 2 years. I had already booked in for a knee replacement happening in 6 months. After just 4 months of specialist exercise overseen by their supervisers I was able to cancel that operation. They are very dedicated in looking after our well being Peter Harrison

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  • Body Smart Health
    Jennifer Edwards

    For someone who hates exercising I have found the experience at Body Smart Health both rewarding and fun. As someone who had been very over weight and unfit for years I was dreading going to any type of gym let alone having a personal trainer. However Jeremy my trainer turned out to be a very caring and compassionate young man who not only took care of me but has trained me now for just over a year and I am the fittest I been for years. All the staff are friendly and easy to get alone with. Equipment up to date and premises nice and clean would recommend to anyone to train at there.

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  • Body Smart Health
    Daniel Lilley

    The best place to get lean, fit and healthy. Brilliant reception staff and personal trainers. 5 stars.

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  • Body Smart Health
    Kay Hays

    I owe my swift recovery from my hip replacement from the team at Body Smart Health. The team were amazing at getting me prepared for my op and were more amazing at getting me back on my feet post op. I still do the Pilates sessions which I love as the sessions are at really convenient times and its a whole body work out. The instructors are the best I've seen and the physios and the exercise physiologists are at the top of their game.

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  • Body Smart Health
    Alexandra McCallum

    Very experienced staff. I came in not having done much exercise for a fair while. (Life! Don't get me started!) Anyway I feel very comfortable there and I'm making great progress. Thanks guys!

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