Blacktown Family Medical Centre

Blacktown Family Medical Centre

Therapeutic Supports in Blacktown, NSW
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Blacktown Family Medical Centre will provide you with the attention and care you require. Located in Blacktown, our friendly team is on hand to assist you with all your needs. Visit our website or book an appointment with us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

117-119 Main Street, Blacktown, NSW 2148
Blacktown, NSW 2148
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  • Blacktown Family Medical Centre
    Sandie N

    Quite irritated by some of the receptionists here, especially those working after 5pm. I called at 5pm to ensure my 5:15pm appointment was running on time. I arrived at 5:10pm and waited for 50 minutes and was told that the 5:30pm and 5:45pm appointments were taken ahead of me as they arrived at 5pm. The doctor was also shocked to hear that this was the case... I understand a doctors time is valuable but so is mine and I don’t understand why I should make an appointment if the receptionists are not adhering to the set times. In addition, they were awful when I approached them at the 45 minute wait time; making me feel bad for only arriving 5 minutes prior to my appointment and not 30 minutes as the other patients had.

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  • Blacktown Family Medical Centre
    Glenda Brear

    Well looked after. I was a walk in only waited an hour which was great. Nice Drs . Very pleased

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  • Blacktown Family Medical Centre
    Iriny Ghattas

    First i went to do a blood test, it went wrong, and i had internal bleeding Second went to see a doctor After one hour and 10 min wait i asked the receptionist how long left, she found out that my name wasn’t even on the list She apologised and said she will ask the doctor to see me next, 40 min. Later... i am still waiting and the doctor took another person in. So one hour and 50 min waisted, and all i got was the headache from the wait

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  • Blacktown Family Medical Centre
    Rene De

    Lovely staff and kind receptionists, always puts me and my family in a good mood when i see the young girls laughing and talking to my kids. The kids love the doctors and the nurses and the reception REALLY great doctors..... I love the new doctors

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  • Blacktown Family Medical Centre
    Amm Ratan

    Booked an ultrasound at 9 am i arrived on time to be told that doctor is on the way as he only come on call cuz sometimes patient dont turned up. Wait over 30 mins when doctor arrive they told me they dont have the equipment for internal scan. Ask me to walk to another place and wait another freaking 2 hours here . Go somewhere else

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