NDIS Package funding replaced existing disability services funding. It is developed with your input and agreement, and details an approved package funding to support you with services across different areas of life.

As part of the delivery of the package you will have a planning meeting with the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) to create an NDIS support plan based on your individual needs and goals, known as your NDIS plan.

Who is eligible for an NDIS support package?

The NDIS support packages are available for those who:

  • Live in an area where the NDIS is available
  • Meet the residency requirements (be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or Protected Special Category Visa holder)
  • Meet disability or early intervention requirements
  • Be under 65 years of age when the access request is made
  • Meet any other conditions relevant to individual circumstances

Requests for NDIS support packages are made to the NDIA.

Note that if you’re already receiving government-funded support, you could have automatic access and won’t need to fill out a new application.

What support can be funded in an NDIS support package?

NDIS support package funding is available to cover education, employment, community connection and social participation, independence to live alone, assist in living arrangements and for health and wellbeing.

That might look like a support package covering:

  • Day-to-day personal activities
  • Transport to a range of activities including social events, finance meetings, community events and daily life
  • Workplace funding that helps you get or keep a job
  • Therapeutic supports including behavioural support
  • Help with domestic chores to maintain your home and garden
  • Assistance in mobile aids or medical equipment, including set up and training
  • Home modification installation, like handrails for mobility
  • Vehicle modifications

It’s a good idea to visit the NDIS website for full information on what NDIS Package funding could look like for you.

Ways to manage your NDIS Support Funding Package

There are 3 ways your NDIS support plan can be managed:

  1. Agency
  2. Plan Manager
  3. Self-managed


  • Flexibility, Choice and control
  • Let’s you use your funds creatively to best meet your needs
  • Choose your supports, who provides them and how they are delivered
  • Use any provider (registered or not registered with the NDIS) that will best help you meet your plan goals
  • Employ/contract staff directly or have someone do it for you
  • Negotiate the costs of your supports to get best value for money and use what your save to purchase more supports


  • Flexibility, choice and control
  • You don’t need to worry about the accounting side of it all. Your plan manager pays providers for you and takes care of all the finance, admin and reporting.
  • Use any provider (registered or not registered with the NDIS) that will best help you meet your plan goals
  • The NIDIA offers funding for the Plan Manager in your Plan


  • The easiest way to manage the financial side of your plan – the NDIA will manage your records, finances and book-keeping.
  • You don’t need to worry about the accounting side of it all. The NDIA pays providers for you.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed then Agency Management can be a good way to start
  • With a relatively straightforward NDIS plan utilising only a few registered providers, Agency Management is the simplest option.
  • You can look on the myplace portal to keep track of your budget


  • You need to negotiate your own agreements with providers
  • Time and skills required for admin and compliance including managing your own funds, claiming and paying for supports, keeping records, invoices and receipts, and responding to payment audits.
  • Ensuring you meet your obligations as an employer if you choose to employ staff directly
  • Lots of responsibility and quite time consuming
  • Costs must be paid upfront and then get reimbursed


  • Your plan manager can’t pay more than the NDIA set price limit for specific supports
  • Your Plan Manager will be another person you need to meet with regularly


  • You can only use providers who are registered with the NDIS
  • The NDIA can’t pay more than the NDIA set price limit for specific supports so sometimes it can be hard to find registered providers who are available and willing to work for those rates
  • Providers make claims for your services and are paid directly by the NDIS which means you may not see the invoice and there could be mistakes that you miss. The error rate is approximately 18%.
  • You won’t be able to buy certain products (such as wipes) on sale from the supermarket using your NDIS funding and some training opportunities and assistive technologies might not be available through a registered provider. This means that those things need to come out of your own pocket and won’t be reimbursed.
  • If you are in rural, regional or remote areas, it could be hard to find registered providers in your area which means you won’t be able to use your NDIS funding

How to establish an NDIS Support plan

Once you have been approved for an NDIS support package, you will need to establish your plan.

Most NDIS participants will have access to a LAC to help them develop a plan and understand how to use it. LACs also provide support to participants on an ongoing basis to help monitor their plan and check on progress.

Find out more about LACs.

If you don’t have a LAC Partner in your local area, or you need more help coordinating services and support, the NDIA may provide funding for a Support Coordinator in your NDIS plan. The Support Coordinator will assist you to make the most of your NDIS support plan to live more independently, reach your goals, upskill, find employment and participate in your community.

Find out more about NDIS support coordination.


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