It’s important to find out what services are offered, the quality of those services and the fees involved.

The My Aged Care site has a rough fee estimator that can be accessed here. If you’d prefer to talk to someone, you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 for a chat, or get information posted out to you.

There are thousands of aged care providers, and choosing the right one for you can be difficult.

What to consider

If you’re looking to engage an aged care provider, look into:

  • The full list of services available and offered
  • The availability of those services, including waiting times and operating hours
  • The costs involved including hidden fees
  • The quality of services rendered so far - which can be found in user reviews, and your own interactions with the company
  • Whether it’s best for you to use a private or government-funded provider
Understanding costs covered by My Aged Care

Take the time to understand what services are covered under your plan based on if you are receiving a Home Care Package or other government funding. And then take the time to check those needs are able to be met by the provider.

Keep in mind..

Only Australian Government-funded services are allowed to be listed on the My Aged Care website.

If you are interested in private aged care services, the My Aged Care site includes links to a number of approved external directories with listings available. Companies that provide aged care services that don’t receive government funding might be listed on these external directories. But - always do your research. None of the businesses on external directories are checked for quality and accreditation, so be thorough when venturing outside of My Aged Care listed providers.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, they’ll work to finalise everything with you including scheduling, costs, and services.


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